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Cambridge Community Development Department

"We are a government agency that used to have at least 3
spyware calls a week. Ever since we distributed Firefox about
a year ago we have yet to receive a spyware call. Not to mention
how easy it is to distribute over the network. Thank you."

– Pearce Aurigemma

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Development Department

ChiliTech Internet Solutions

"I was enthralled when I found your website. We are a large
ISP headquartered in Central Pennsylvania. We run a combination
of Active Directory/Windows 2000 Workstations and Linux Terminal
Server in our Technical Support department. Until I found your
website we were using Internet Explorer. Now all computers get
Firefox installed on them by default, and keeping them up2date
is a breeze!"

– Matt Hoppes

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We started with repackaging Firefox as MSI package
– the original installer lacks some customization options we
needed. One day in time, we noticed Frontmotion Firefox CE –
not for its MSI-package, but for its striking ability to process
group policies natively (there are some scripting solutions
out there, but we do not really like this kind of configuration
method). We support approx. 100.000 client computers, out of
these are about 20.000 running Firefox CE.

– Martin Binder


IT Warehouse Bendigo

"Our store has been pre-installing Firefox on new machines
for over 6 months now, we have found this MSI solution to be
an excellent method for distribution over the Windows-PE environment,
thus giving people the chance to have a problem free internet

– Byron Mulvogue

Karsten Homes

"Hi, I love the Firefox MSI, I did a quick test in the morning
and deployed in the afternoon.  So far, everyone likes

– Josh Klapow

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Scuola Normale Superiore

"Hi and thanks everybody, I'm currently using the FrontMotion
package in a student computer room at Scuola Normale Superiore,
Pisa, Italy. We currently handle 13 computers and about 150
users, using Linux and Windows 2000 as servers; the package
was deployed via Active Directory from the Win2k server. Everything
works fine."

– Dario Saccavino

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