• An MSI installer for Active Directory, Tivoli, and ZENworks.
  • Official Mozilla Firefox binary.
  • Official branding (icons, images, names).
  • Upgrade previous MSI installers using native upgrade mechanism.
  • Upgrade non-MSI installs via 'detect and remove'.
  • Can upgrade 3rd party MSI's from patpaul/MIT, Webheat.co.uk, and ZettaServe.
  • Provides desktop icon and shell integration similar to IE.
  • Self-repair capability.
  • Macromedia FlashMacromedia Flash plug-in preinstalled.
  • Installer file is signed via Authenticode (USERTrust is a CA trusted by most Windows systems)

If you need Administrative Template/lockdown support, you need to use FrontMotion Firefox Community Edition instead.